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  1. Key Strategies for Achieving Sustainable Supply Chains

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    Cityscape with solar panels on a building roof and a green park, highlighting supply chain sustainability.Supply chain operations have a major impact on our planet, contributing to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that directly lead to biodiversity loss. Both individuals and companies rely on a flourishing environment, which is why many organizations are taking steps to mitigate their supply chain’s negative effects on biodiversity, such as Kering’s pledge to restore one million hectares of its supply chain by 2025.

    Beyond environmental impact, maintaining a sustainable supply chain is important for continued growth and success: 97% of investment managers review a business’ supply chain sustainability standards when determining where to invest. Furthermore, with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recently established sustainability reporting rules and consumers’ increasing commitment to sustainable lifestyles, now is a crucial time to implement or improve green supply chain practices.

    What is supply chain sustainability?

    Supply chain sustainability is the conscious effort to incorporate integrity-driven behavior and green initiatives into all aspects of operations.

    Source: SAP

    Industrial and systems engineers play a pivotal role in supply chain design and process improvements. In this article, we discuss how you can strengthen your organization’s supply chain and ensure it is environmentally and socially sustainable, including key strategies such as utilizing a systems thinking approach, digital twin technology, resilience planning, and artificial intelligence and metaheuristics.